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Set Up Area: 32xL  16xW  18xH

​NOTEBe sure of a clear path for transportation to your set up area and the set up area is cleaned prior to arrival

​NOTE Double check for set up room overhead; Trees, Powerlines, Roofs can damage our inflatables- Also, please clean up prior to arrival. we prefer a clear set up area.


$220/per rental

DescriptionThis sizable 16 Feet Front Load Inflatable Water Slide is one of the biggest crowd pleasers. Kids of all ages will be ecstatic to play on any occasion. It’s colorful and fun with blue, red, yellow marble and at 16 feet kids of all sizes can take pleasure in the fun.

Unit Size: 27xL  12xW  16xH

​NOTE ALL INFLATABLES ARE INTENDED FOR USE ON GRASS. Please notify us if your location is not on grass.