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​NOTE ALL INFLATABLES ARE INTENDED FOR USE ON GRASS. Please notify us if your location is not on grass.

Set Up Area: 48xL  20xW  24xH

Description: Our Very Unique 22 Ft Palm Tree Water Slide was made with marble colors to look like a waterfall in the forest. There are straps on the stairs and on the sides of the stairs for extra safety. The slide is wide enough for riders to slide down in multiples.  

​NOTE Double check for set up room overhead; Trees, Powerlines, Roofs can damage our inflatables- Also, please clean up prior to arrival. we prefer a clear set up area.

$300 /per rental


Unit Size:  42xL  15xW  22xH

​NOTEBe sure of a clear path for transportation to your set up area and the set up area is cleaned prior to arrival