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It's 2016 and I am very happy to be alive! The Power of technology has allowed my business to flourish and grow tremendously with plenty of help from my smartphone. My Name is Sam Sustaita its 2016 and I am 28 years young. I have too much energy, a passion for succeeding, and doing my personal best. I have gotten much support and approval from family, friends, clients, and even corporations. I am really happy to be in the Bouncy House Biz! :)   



UPDATE:  5/9/2018

Wow, Two Years Already!? That was Fast!! What can I say.. I'm still using my smartphone EXCEPT, I have TWO smartphones now! Giving Bounce House Bonanza Its separate smartphone has given the company more life and more room to grow!! We've actually doubled everything this year. Two Trucks, Two Trailers, Two 5 Star Delivery guys, &.... The Two Phones. Bounce House Bonanza Definitely Still has the same effect on me. I Love the Bounce Houses, I love all the people I meet and all the opportunity I receive! Bonanza has so much love and support and we have barely begun to make our mark.

We've acquired many corporate accounts such as; Chukchansi Stadium, Fresno Heart & Surgery, Central Unified School District, Celebration Church, & plenty more. Bounce House Bonanza has become the leader in Quality and Service as the most rated & highest rated company in Fresno, We have obtained a 5 star rating across the world wide web. We constantly  inspect, clean, and update our inventory to ensure our quality. We are aimed at providing a prompt and reliable service, and always geared for a SAFE AND FUN EVENT!